Hello and today we gonna be talking about Funkybod

Hello and today we gonna be talking about Funkybod and how it started basically the life story and how it all started so sit back relax and listen carefully some really in-depth story anyway so it all started being born into a family really nice which had moved from Mauritius a nice lovely tropical country to Chelsea and head.

the Sun which would soon to be the owner of Funkybod Randall round of applause please and when this you know I was he went to school here and got educated he originally wanted to be an architect I believe he is extremely interested in cars and you know as a teenager who really liked it, troublemaker,, we’re not really a troublemaker but you know he’s a hole in a hole a really nice boy. anyway he ended up owning a load of properties being a landlord which is a good side.

 businesswoman which is a side business almost which gave me a business.
 for back on which gave him the confidence to make Funkybod and when he started to pursue the idea of Funkybod he ended up getting help it was nervous but he had taken marketing in uni which was very helpful and proved to be very helpful he has got a degree which is great also furthermore early very early on he managed to sell an abundance of shirts to various important family’s emojis are the greatest been known to man when people of the emojis are the best woman did use the best. can I get a rip in the chat – this is a new presenter I like life and the other one doesn’t he tried to be so serious as you can tell by his last one anyway I’m gonna do a challenge I’m gonna say my life in. a nutshell and after I do my life in a nutshell.

I want to let the other present into his life and not sure I have today in one minute on my marks get set go so I was born at a very young age in Gillingham which is in Kent in Britain I said that the wrong way round I was also born on planet Earth anyway okay and I was living in Gillingham for till I was about seven but I moved.

 to Maidstone so yeah and I like Maidstone and I like Maidstone but I still like Gillingham actually prefer Gillingham have a Gillingham 30 in the in my wardrobe so yeah that’s really nice anyway Funkybod is great at padding star padding padding padding padding I love the padding thought oh that’s a nice Funkybod padding delicious pug passages pardon anyway this is an excellent muscle shirt muscle shirts grey but this muscle sinners great don’t don’t don’t not buy this this is an excellent excellent shirt the material is so today is so when it’s soft soaking wet so sore stretch so well let’s just say a baby can wear it exactly just imagine rubbing ostrich feathers on your face as I feel some lovely that’s the quality and imagine.

 ripping the hair off an elephant and spine in that with the show my name is PT Barnum and I love life PT Barnum is a great guy really so how’s life how’s life let me just tell you about some modern stuff by the way do you know do you know who Shawn Mendes do you know who any of these singers are if you don’t know when you don’t know but if you do you know when you do you know if you know I’m saying okay so now with the with when you when you’re searching for things on Instagram customers type in keywords.

So it would be like am I searching for a gift of the keyboard am or if it’s a Christmas gift you might type in Christmas or birthdays you’re my type in birthday if you search for a gift for someone or if you’re searching for a padded shirt for yourself you might wanna type in muscle predator thank you have a chat or funky bored we are better than those on the Keeshan you got this you got one useless competition on Amazon their product is made in China their material is inferior it’s very rough on the skin our one is nice and soft and material comes from Turkish witches which is a lovely material lovely feeling the skin useless competition on Amazon.

their product is made in China their material is inferior it’s very rough on the skin our one is nice and soft and material comes from Turkish witches which is a lovely material lovely feel on the skin now anyone that knows about their products about materials will know it’s not coming out right will know that it’s Sam it’s a better material to use.


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Let’s start off in Greek mythology starts off with Chronos the king of the Titans he became king by overthrowing his parents and banishing them now after that he gave birth to Zeus Poseidon Hades and terror no hurrah hurrah hurrah and none of them are because there’s a lot of things wrong.

So if you want to have a body of a Greek God try those Funkybod outfits on Justin you’re going to be looking like a coathanger when you first do you know where suit for example you know someone feel very comfortable with and feel very skinny not very confident confident everything walk out of that dressing room not looking like a cunt a coathanger so if you want to have a body of a Greek God try those Funkybod outfits on Justin you’re going to be looking like a coathanger when you first do you know where suit for example you know someone feel very comfortable you going to feel very skinny not very confident everything walk out of that dressing room not looking like a cunt a coathanger look like the rock totally bath so if you want to have a body of a Greek.

Greek with ology in North mythology a completely different note mythology has four in God of Thunder oak trees and use as I have a good meal now which is pretty cool anyway his father is called Oden and he was as a brother called like you gave birth to a load of strange animal Lee strange animals are so we gave birth to a werewolf and a snake me that’s just out anyway also wheeled a hammer called Milner very very very good and also really what do you think Zeus is in North mythology no no Zeus is the Greek God of lightning for is a Norse God of thunder know there’s a lot of difference of that lightning and thunderpadded muscle shirts padded muscle shirts padded muscle shirts padded muscle shells padded muscle shells padded muscles funky board padded muscle shells Funkybod for strongest avenger for strongest avenger by the way hope is not the strongest avenger have you watch the first avengers in overlooking the one with the hulk is fighting for in the aircraft in shield basically what happens is hulk tries to push for his hands down and help for listening to his hands like he’s a Shawn Mendes concert or little mix concert anyway Milear I did it what is it got a superman costume or a superhero’s costume you can wear a funky butcher underneath it will bulk you are in your quest you can’t hear biology please stitch want to take be there.

It has been beside it is been hours sitting here listening to music it has been extremely cold British weather everything like that you know no one likes if you’re British you know if your American live in New York again you know because it’s quite cold there anyway so we’ve been chilling out and I mean although we don’t really need the Funkybod best we’ve been chilling with her we’ve been keeping warm and keep your chest warm and you know it’s good for sports as well if you’re playing out in the cold is very very useful you know and looks good as well is that for you I should know because I play competitive football and it’s got me through every game without freezing to death and I have played in the Isle of Sheppey at -5° of 50 miles an hour winds and snow I know how it feels but without that Funkybod

sure I’ll be having hypothermia in an icy football pitch right now if it wasn’t for Funkybod if you’re having trouble keeping warm from the what’s the way to go if you have trouble keeping fit is in Funkybod is the way to go as a temporary fixokay no in your body people have stem cells stem cells are really cool cells they can transform is called differentiation they can differentiate into any type of human cell there is no differentiation so they can change into a red blood cell is a red blood cell of white blood cell they could tiepin to I’m going to a skin so any cell in the world isn’t even going to cancel cells which isn’t very good this is what and also can Hill making brand-new cells that pose also just made up.


Body Shaping fashion

Our ancient proteins support one hypothesis that the progressive loss of uricase activity allowed our ancestors to readily accumulate fat via the metabolism of fructose from fruits. Investigate what defines a hominin and how much we modern humans have in common with other human species, as well as what sets us apart. This adaptation may have provided our ancestors with an advantage when the energy-rich rainforests of Europe and Asia were displaced by temperate forests by the end of the Oligocene. 

First, the family likeness the chimpanzees struggle for status, vocalise, communicate, play politics, use subterfuge, show aggression, reject outsiders, groom and support each other, betray each other and resort to violence or sexual bribery to get their way. Chimpanzees display awareness of self, ability to reason, and a grasp of numbers. Curiously, uricase is not functional in some organisms despite its role in converting highly insoluble uric acid into 5-hydroxyisourate. Of particular interest is the observation that apes, including humans, cannot oxidize uric acid, and it appears that multiple, independent evolutionary events led to the silencing or pseudogenization of the uricase gene in ancestral apes. 

Paleoanthropology is the scientific study of human evolution. Paleoanthropology is a subfield of anthropology, the study of human culture, society, and biology. The field involves an understanding of the similarities and differences between humans and other species in their genes, body form, physiology, and behavior. Paleoanthropologists search for the roots of human physical traits and behavior. They seek to discover how evolution has shaped the potentials, tendencies, and limitations of all people. For many people, paleoanthropology is an exciting scientific field because it investigates the origin, over millions of years, of the universal and defining traits of our species. 

Parents pass adaptive genetic changes to their offspring, and ultimately these changes become common throughout a population. As a result, the offspring inherit those genetic characteristics that enhance their chances of survival and ability to give birth, which may work well until the environment changes. Over time, genetic change can alter a species’ overall way of life, such as what it eats, how it grows, and where it can live. Human evolution took place as new genetic variations in early ancestor populations favored new abilities to adapt to environmental change and so altered the human way of life. However, some people find the concept of human evolution troubling because it can seem not to fit with religious and other traditional beliefs about how people, other living things, and the world came to be.

Nevertheless, many people have come to reconcile their beliefs with scientific evidence. Various arguments have been made to suggest why natural selection would allow the accumulation of uric acid despite the physiological consequences of crystallized monosodium urate acutely causing liver/kidney damage or chronically causing issues. Chimpanzees are opportunistic omnivores that also make and use tools for gain, and groups of chimpanzees in the wild have separate traditions, practices, and ways of doing things that they pass down the generations. That is, chimpanzees have a culture.

Both chimpanzees and humans have a genetic kinship so close that they share almost 99% of their DNA. As such, the medical community has a strong interest in developing a recombinant “human-like” uricase to treat gout, prevent tumor lysis syndrome, and control hyperuricemia in general. The difficulties in developing a therapeutic uricase are many-fold but mostly rely on a compromise between activity, stability, and immunoreactivity in human patients. A recently Food and Drug Administration-approved uricase consists of a combination of pig enzymes. I have spoken to various friends and family, and the consensus I have now arrived at is that actually, most people have a very poor understanding of the origins of our species.

I am not including Young Earth Creationists in this description, as their ideologies as a belief system is one of complete ignorance about anything that happens in the natural world, or those who decide to form their own interpretations of the book of Genesis, based upon reinterpreting what it could have meant as a rhetorical parable in today’s society, to appease and conform to both conflicting parties of thought. Our ancient proteins support one hypothesis that the progressive loss of uricase activity allowed our ancestors to readily accumulate fat via the metabolism of fructose from fruits Those who understand that we as a species evolved from another species, broadly know that humans evolved from a tree of hominids prior to our genus being formed.



The latest molecular analyses and fossil finds suggest that the story of human evolution is far more complex. Swings between wet and dry landscapes pushed some of our ancestors toward modern traits—and killed off others and more interesting than anyone imagined For the first half of our existence we potter along unremarkably; then we undergo a series of revolutions. First, the “cognitive” revolution: about 70,000 years ago, we start to behave in far more ingenious ways than before, for reasons that are still obscure, and we spread rapidly across the planet.

About 11,000 years ago we enter on the agricultural revolution, converting in increasing numbers from foraging (hunting and gathering) to farming. But at the campsite the morning after the discovery, the discussion was dominated by questions. How old was Lucy when she died? Did she have children? What was she like? And might she be our direct ancestor, a missing gap in the human family tree? Forty years later, we are starting to have answers to some of these questions. Trace the evolution of humans since our lineage split from that of chimpanzees, explore what we have in common with our ancient relatives and discover research that is helping to answer questions about our past and future.

The “scientific revolution” begins about 500 years ago. It triggers the industrial revolution, about 250 years ago, which triggers, in turn, the information revolution, about 50 years ago, which triggers the biotechnological revolution, which is still wet behind the ears. Both of these events happened at times when the local climate was undergoing dramatic shifts. We know, for instance, that some 3 million years ago around the time the first Homo species appeared—Africa was switching from wooded areas to open grasslands as the climate dried out. This straightforward change in scenery may be part of why early humans evolved away from climbing and toward walking upright. But recent evidence collected from the seafloor gives an even more detailed look at the climate change during this period.

Suspects that the biotechnological revolution signals the end of sapiens: we will be replaced by bioengineered post-humans, “a mortal” cyborgs, capable of living forever. Fossil tooth analysis, rich in carbon isotopic data, helps to further flesh out what our ancestors were eating and drinking during these volatile periods, and what types of environments they called home. These studies show Homo bucking a trend in which earlier peoples passively fed on the expanding grasslands, says deMenocal. This indicates that more successful early humans sought diverse food options during variable periods even as the African landscape was, in the long term, trending toward a more uniform grassland environment.

Fossil tooth analysis, rich in carbon isotopic data, helps to further flesh out what our ancestors were eating and drinking during these volatile periods, and what types of environments they called home. Of particular interest is the observation that apes, including humans, cannot oxidize uric acid, and it appears that multiple, independent evolutionary events led to the silencing or pseudogenization of the uricase gene in ancestral apes. Various arguments have been made to suggest why natural selection would allow the accumulation of uric acid despite the physiological consequences of crystallized monosodium urate acutely causing liver/kidney damage or chronically causing gout. We have applied evolutionary models to understand the history of primate uricases by resurrecting ancestral mammalian intermediates before the pseudogenization events of this gene family. Resurrected proteins reveal that ancestral uricases have steadily decreased in activity since the last common ancestor of mammals gave rise to descendent primate lineages. We were also able to determine the 3D distribution of amino acid replacements as they accumulated during evolutionary history by crystallizing a mammalian uricase protein.

These studies show Homo bucking a trend in which earlier peoples passively fed on the expanding grasslands. This indicates that more successful early humans sought diverse food options during variable periods even as the African landscape was, in the long term, trending toward a more uniform grassland environment. Music is a core human experience and generative processes reflect cognitive capabilities. Music is often functional because it is something that can promote human well-being by facilitating human contact, human meaning, and human imagination of possibilities, tying it to our social instincts. Cognitive systems also underlie musical performance and sensibilities. Music is strongly linked to motivation and to human social contact. Only a portion of people may play music, but all can, and do, at least sing or hum a tune. Music is like breathing—all-pervasive.

Music is a core human experience and a generative process that reflects cognitive capabilities. It is intertwined with many basic human needs and is the result of thousands of years of neurobiological development. Music, as it has evolved in humankind, allows for unique expressions of social ties and the strengthening of relational connectedness. Music is one of those things that we do spontaneously, reflecting brain machinery linked to communicative functions, enlarged and diversified across a broad array of human activities.


Insulating Clothing & the Funkybod Tees

The Clothing Longevity Protocol has been developed as part of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, which brings together industry, government and the third sector in order to improve the sustainability of clothing across its life-cycle. An important means of achieving a reduction in the environmental footprint of clothing is to increase garment lifetimes. It is recognized that exact functional responsibilities will vary in each organization. Organizations may have both in-house and externally sub-contracted staff who influence final products in terms of their performance attributes in relation to longevity. Typically designers, buyers and technologists work together to develop new product ranges and this will need to be taken into account. However, the main retailer or supplier needs to take the lead in terms of using the Protocol to set the standard for longevity; with this in mind, the following ‘good practice’ approach for product development teams has been outlined. The volume of clothing consumed in each country is used to calculate the total carbon, water and waste footprint. The whole life cycle of garments is included in the footprint calculations.

 The processes considered include production of the raw material, a range of production and factory processing stages, garment assembly, the clothing ‘use phase’ (when the garment is with the consumer), and re-use, recycling, and final disposal. A recent survey identified the main reasons for garments failure as colour fading (particularly for jersey and woven fabrics) or fabric quality (most notably pilling in the case of knitwear and jersey). Other key issues were fabric breakdown in the form of fraying and thinning (especially hems), general wear around the crotch of trousers, discolouration in white shirts (particularly collars) and holes in seams. For a consumer, the durability of a product is measured by how long the product provides a useful service to them. There are a complex set of conscious and subconscious decisions that consumers take when determining the ability of clothing to fulfil technical and emotional functions, and it is these decisions that determine the durability of the product.

Consumers buy clothing items for a range of different purposes and reasons including necessity (e.g. school uniform), functionality (e.g. winter coat), vanity (e.g. fashion item), prestige and status (e.g. brand item) and peer/other influence. Clothing is, for many people in the UK, a symbol of personal, social and cultural identity. Clothes often also help to define a person’s role in society or a specific social group, or help to express life-style choices. As consumers continually re-construct their personal identity, the tools they use to signify their position are also continually changing.

 The guests had arrived before the rain began to fall, and they were all now assembled in the chief or living room of the dwelling. A glance into the apartment at eight o’clock on this eventful evening would have resulted in the opinion that it was as cosy and comfortable a nook as could be wished for in boisterous weather. It was important for the report to be able to produce comparable estimates for each of the nine target countries and a model was developed to estimate the baseline for each country. The country-specific data varied greatly in terms of scope and methodologies used by the responsible authorities in each country. Using the model developed, it became possible to produce estimates for clothing in household residual waste that are comparable and based on the best available data sources in each case. Germany and Spain are the countries where no waste composition data could be obtained. For both countries, Eurostat household residual data was used to produce an estimate. The calling of its inhabitant was proclaimed by a number of highly-polished sheep crooks without stems that were hung ornamentally over the fireplace, the curl of each shining crook varying from the antiquated type engraved in the patriarchal pictures of old family Bibles to the most approved fashion of the last local sheep-fair.

The room was lighted by half-a-dozen candles, having wicks only a trifle smaller than the grease which enveloped them, in candlesticks that were never used but at high-days, holy-days, and family feasts. The lights were scattered about the room, two of them standing on the chimney-piece. This position of candles was in itself significant. Candles on the chimney-piece always meant a party. Let’s back up from poly tetra fluoro ethylene (PTFE, the base material for Teflon). When rapidly stretched into a thin film, PTFE can become a thin membrane with pores that are smaller than liquid water droplets but larger than molecules of water when in vapor phase. Clothing performs a number of functions for the wearer, which can generally be categorised into two broad aspects. There are the technical functions of meeting the fundamental needs of the wearer; warmth and the protection of modesty. There are also emotional needs or desires, where clothing acts as a set of symbols that reflect our personality and identify us with certain groups; clothing is a communication device about the individual to society.

 So it’s impermeable to liquid water like rain or snow, but the moisture you produce as you sweat passes through. Gore-Tex isn’t the only such membrane out there; when the main patent a number of clothing companies brought out alternative versions. Membranes—which can be waterproof or just windproof—are the heart of a lot of outdoor clothing, and new technology still uses them. What’s different is how the membrane is applied.


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Cosplay costumes with the Funkybod padded muscle shirts. This year, we’re continuing the ridiculousness, however, with a different theme. To celebrate Peaty cementing his legendary status with ‘Won’t Back Down’ we will be having a “Sheffield Legends” fancy dress competition. An 8.5k run or 2.5k walk set in Chantries Woodlands. An exciting opportunity to race at dusk/night and raise money for The Royal Surrey County Hospital. Head torches are mandatory. Full fancy dress will be encouraged to get into the Halloween spirit. You could dress as the big man himself, or choose from any of the other sporting, musical or film legends from this awesome city.

People have been debating the most powerful superheroes and villains since they first became a cultural phenomenon during the first half of the 20th century. With new movies like “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers: Endgame” right around the corner, there is no doubt that the arguments are just as strong as ever.

It’s all good fun. Even if your costume is handmade and doesn’t exactly look how you envisaged a fancy dress party is still a great way to get everyone together under the same roof to celebrate an occasion. If the theme allows room for interpretation, take the opportunity to be creative. Superheroes have their antecedents in the semidivine hero of myths and legends. Protagonists who exhibit feats of incredible strength, fighting prowess, and cunning are commonplace in both model and early secular literature. Comic of the early 20th century provided the perfect visual medium for the development for these larger-than-life characters, and in June 1938 writer and artist Joseph Shuster unveiled Superman, the archetypal superhero. Superheroes have proved to be an enduring addition to popular culture, eventually spreading to TV, film, radio, and games. This is an alphabetically ordered list of superheroes. Marvel and DC comics. This particularly applies to letter themes – if the theme is things beginning with the letter C, you can bet that the room will be full of cats and cowboys. Why not go as a cactus, cucumber, or a candle? Costumes that use wordplay are also very effective. In comic books, the current Avengers roster includes an African-American Captain America and a Muslim Ms Marvel. Jessica Jones’ love-interest, the Blaxploitation-inspired hero Luke Cage, will receive his own Netflix series next year, but in 2015 the cinematic Avengers remained stubbornly homogeneous.

Fifty years ago such a lonely cottage stood on such a down, and may possibly be standing there now. In spite of its loneliness, however, the spot, by actual measurement, was not more than five miles from a county-town. Yet that affected it little. Five miles of irregular upland, during the long inimical seasons, with their sleets, snows, rains, and mists, afford withdrawing space enough to isolate a Timon or a Nebuchadnezzar; much less, in fair weather, to please that less repellent tribe, the poets, philosophers, artists, and others who “conceive and meditate of pleasant things. Starting off this list as an honorable mention, Saitama from “One Punch Man” has the ability to defeat literally any adversary with just one punch, making him essentially undefeatable. However, because One Punch Man is more of a satire of the superhero genre than a story meant to be taken seriously, it wouldn’t really be fair to the others to put him any higher than. When deciding what to take with you to university, don’t just pack your best clothes.

Bring a few old T-shirts, perhaps your tutu, and that cape you wore for World Book Day when you were 13. Any spare fabric you might have lying around the house might come in handy too. Somewhere between the mash-ups and redundant reboots, more interesting work has started to emerge. The comic book adaptation, like all good teenagers, is demonstrating new-found maturity. So let us take a look back at the trends and triumphs of this year in superheroes. While one might argue that these shows are merely picking up on hash tag-friendly issues to provide their high-concept shows with a veneer of socio-political relevance, their engagement with contemporary concerns seems more honest.

“While many of you have been justifiably relaxing with your families or loved ones, I have been answering allegations about my obsession with rape, and re-answering several-year-old questions with regard to my perceived racism,” he said. “If my comments or opinions are going to provoke such storms of upset, then considering that I myself am looking to severely constrain the amount of time I spend with interviews and my already very occasional appearances, it would logically be better for everyone concerned, not least myself, if I were to stop issuing those comments and opinions. Better that I let my work speak for me, which is all I’ve truthfully ever wanted or expected, both as a writer and as a reader of other authors’ work.” The expanding Arrow verse suggests that episodic television is more suited to chronicling the never-ending quests of superheroes than a 100-minute movie every two years.



Knowing your basic body shape and understanding the types of clothes that will accentuate your good features (and minimise your less than perfect bits!), means you’ll be able to dress in a way that really suits you. Today there are so many options to choose from so you’ll always be able to find something that will complement your body shape, scale, proportions, colouring, personality and life style.

Trends change fast, and it’s not always easy to know how to adapt them for our unique (and beautiful!) body shapes. All of this in the thirty-second walk into the store (for all you know I’m already broke for the month). Thinking you know how to dress for your body type, you strut into the trial room with chin up and chest high! Everything comes crashing down ‘cos the dress looks awful. We believe that fashion is about feeling great in the looks we love and feeling great in who we are. But, you could say that we follow guidelines, not rules. So we created this handy guide to help you learn how to dress your body shape and play up your most favorite features with styles you have (or should have) in your closet. But first things first, do you know your body shape? The problem with understanding your body shape is that most women focus on specific area (i.e. problems zones such as the tummy, arms, bottom, thighs etc), which can cloud your judgement when it comes to seeing the whole picture. It’s important to view yourself as a whole so that you can define your body shape.

You walk towards a store ogling at the dress near the window pane (If it’s me I’ll probably bang my head on the glass door, Ouch!) and walk towards it. In your head, you already have a rough plan (pseudo) about where to wear it, Measuring your own shoulder measurements is relatively difficult because it is tricky to hover the tape while keeping it intact. If you have people around, let someone else help you with this part at least. Start at the tip of the shoulder (any side) and then take it around to the other side, till the end meets the tip of the same shoulder. For tailoring, make sure you opt for single-breasted styles. When off-duty, create shape by contrasting layers such as a shirt or a cardigan over a crisp white T-shirt or vest to create an extended V-shaped panel on the upper section of your body. Remember that the tape should be very close to the shoulder. how to style it and everything else possible. That sums up most shopping experiences.

Why? Because, it’s not for your body type, simple. And, most of us are oblivious of these basics. I’m really not ready to let go of any more of my dreams. So, I did a little digging in that I’m here to share with you. Dark, single-breasted, and only slightly tapered are the keys to a good jacket for big men. A sharp taper at the waist is going to be hard to button and will stretch over the stomach. Just a hint of an inward bend right around the buttons is all that’s needed. The jacket gives the torso a frame, essentially putting it between two narrow lines, making it a worthwhile addition to almost any outfit.

Your well-developed chest and shoulders are significantly broader in comparison to your waist and hips.That could be balancing out your proportions with a pair of flared jeans, or highlighting the most flattering part of your body with a cutout dress, there are some incredible ideas you might have never even thought of. One thing’s for sure, though: This guide will help you feel and look your best. You probably spend hours at the gym every week working up an enviable muscle pump. Hectic training sessions in the gym result in accentuated shoulders and thighs, and a narrow waist. Here at Match we are on hand to help point you in the right direction, allowing our customers to understand the basics in how to build a wardrobe that is perfect for your shape. Keeping an open mind to new styles, shapes and most importantly size is essential as this will allow you to open up the choices and help you find the most inspiring and flattering styles of clothes for your specific body shape.



Worn as a normal undershirt garment, the Funkybod top is a great confidence booster for men in the same way a padded bra works for women. Sizing is a major factor in determining how successful finding an outfit can be. Depending on the store you buy from the size that fits you can really vary from store to store. It is so important not to feel disheartened if you have to try on a bigger size as this is often due to the stores sizing and not a reflection on your size. Never wear something that is too small just because its “your size”, this is a major mistake as wearing something too small with often make you look bigger!

CONVENTIONAL wisdom dictates that gym clothes be low-key and functional — a shredded T-shirt, a sweat-drenched tank the better to pump incognito, under cover of one’s workout gear. But conventional wisdom has no place at Manhattan temples of fitness like the Sports Club or . seem to view them as platforms for showing off vulcanized chests, swelling abs and Popeye biceps, all enhanced by wildly colorful second-skin uniforms. “If you look [at a normal muscle] under an electron microscope, you see that there’s a normal architecture and normal structure to the muscle fibre,” he says. “When you look under the electron microscope with Doms, the whole architecture is disrupted. Essentially, it is true muscle damage, but it’s at the muscle fibre level as opposed to a muscle tear that you would get when you’re running and your hamstring goes.” Earlier this month some even chose to underscore the bird-of-paradise effect, wearing gobs of gold stacked rings and matching bangles, festoons of chains while others placed the accent on their shoes.

Good quality sleep also plays a factor, when it comes to recovery. Although you will want to go easy on tender muscles, doesn’t recommend completely abandoning your fitness routine. Instead, he advises incorporating light exercises. “If I ran on Monday and then on Tuesday was sore, I might go for a light bike ride or a little jog on Wednesday, says so, exercising through it isn’t a bad thing, but exercising and ignoring it, and exercising hard, probably is not the best thing. But they don’t press against your body parts too much. They keep the underlying tissues firm enough while allowing you to move freely. If you end up feeling some tightness or discomfort maybe you should get a bigger size as with other clothing pieces.

Both outfits can reduce evaporation. They inhibit your body’s ability to cool off…which means the core temperature goes higher. When asked what she thought about white-coated, one-horned, mysterious creatures, this California chick told us, “They’re the motherfucking shit!” And she’s not the only one who thinks so. First thing to catch our eye on the way into the park was actually a girl unicorn. Going to failure, or not, has probably been one of the most debated issues during the history of strength training. However, few studies have directly compared the physiological effect of failure vs. nonfailure strength training. The purpose of this study was to evaluate muscle activation strategies with electromyography (EMG) during heavy repetitions vs. repetitions to failure with lighter resistance. So the solution is wearing something with a low resistance to water vapor (but remember there’s a need to rehydrate yourself often – as the low vapor resistance also causes your body to lose more water. Though you may think muscles never go out of style, you’d be mistaken. Metrosexuality was big for a long time when the economy was booming and boys got pedicures. And we’re glad to see that beef is chic again. This guy told us, “I love trap,” and we weren’t totally surprised. But he didn’t seem like a meathead or anything. We asked him if he mostly didn’t wear shirts at Ultra, he said, No I’m just hot as hell. I do wear shirts, but not in this climate.



If you spend all day admiring yourself in reflective surfaces, mirrors, pools of water or the backs of spoons — people may think you are conceited. I sometimes spend hours thinking about what to post, thinking about what my followers want, but also what I want them to think about me. But I see it as time well invested: it’s made me successful, well known, and it’s made me money,” says Price, whose name has been changed. Millennials are particularly vulnerable to the potentially negative effects of social media. Young people aged 17-21 go through a necessary narcissistic stage as they seek to find their place in society and move away from their caregivers. Their experiences of this developmental phase can be unhealthily magnified by social media.

Never put off or give up on your dreams. You are powerful when you believe in yourself – when you know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. When you finally decide just to be yourself, you can make your life look any way you want it to look. Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is.

Gaining weight has never been easy for me … A Funkybod padded muscle shirt is a great substitute for those ‘feeling flat’ days— if I follow a normal, 2000-calorie-a-day diet, I’ll likely lose weight. For those who struggle with weight loss, that reality may seem amazing, but it’s more oppressive than most seem to think. Being able to follow a “normal” diet and lose weight isamazing when you’re overweight. But when you’re already more than thirty pounds underweight, it’s close to dangerous. Most people don’t consider what an uphill battle that is, literally; and certainly not that the other end of the scale can feel just as unbalanced. The worst part is that little discourse is allowed to those of us who are underweight, because society has conditioned us to feel “lucky that you’re not fat” — a problematic phrase in more ways than one.

Create the person you can admire. What are the values and behaviours you will live by that you can be proud of and admire? What are the achievements that you can admire? Our time on this planet passes all too quick so don’t be shy. Playing it safe and half heartedly is not the path to fulfilment. Be bold, be courageous. In the words of Helen Keller “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”.

So if you admire someone, want to say thank you, or just want to strike up a conversation, don’t be afraid to send a nice email. All the headlines keep declaring that email is dead, but it absolutely isn’t. Let your ideas, genuine gratitude, and personality shine in an email. You might be surprised what it leads to.

Some may feel admiring yourself can be selfish, but without love and admiration to yourself, how can you truly show that to someone else. It is important to learn how to admire yourself and behave in the manner that you want to be treated and seen for. When you are behaving and admiring yourself, you set the standard for others to see through your own actions. Let’s remember that if you cannot look at yourself and admire what you see in the mirror, then you must fix the blemishes so that you can admire yourself for who and what you are in life.

For many of the people I work with in therapy, it is clear that their early experiences contributed to making it difficult to say something like, “I’m a valuable human being. I like myself. I deserve admiration and recognition.” What these formative experiences tend to have in common are communications from loved ones that conveyed critical, devaluing, or untrustworthy messages that failed to provide necessary developmental cues that build self-confidence and self-esteem.

In some families in contrast to negative communication—the absence of positive communication failed to give the child the building blocks to become a person with good feelings about himself or herself. Are you doing what you really want to do? When you truly enjoy doing something, whether it’s reading, baking or binge-watching endless television shows, the motivation to do that thing tends to come pretty easily. Whenever you really want something in life, it becomes much easier to knock down obstacles in your way and push past any inner resistance you feel. If you are not making time for the things you enjoy most in life and only take the responsible route with your priorities, you will start to lose interest and motivation in accomplishing very little, as you won’t be truly happy and enjoying life.



It would have been a difficult year to have lived on the fictional Earth guarded by Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League. It started off with those heroes’ evil duplicates from a parallel world having taken over, and ended with a major metropolitan city closed down because of an airborne plague that scientists could barely understand — not to mention the alien invasion this summer that stole everyone’s brain (literally). Just imagine the holiday letter from someone on this world.

Comics also invaded every part of pop culture — you can’t escape nightly prime-time TV without running into the likes of the huge hit The Walking Dead or new shows such as Constantine. (The new year brings even more with the premieres of Agent Carter and iZombie.) Then there’s the cinema, pretty much ruled by Marvel. It’s a good year when Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy can find themselves at the top of the year-end box office.

Following up the phenomenally popular series seems like a daunting task, handles it ably with Seconds, a stand-alone graphic novel which examines the mistakes we make, but from a more adult perspective than SP did. It’s a more mature story, one belied deceptively simple art — a closer examination of which reveals that while his characters may look “cartoony,” he’s absolutely at the top of his artistic game. Anyone who spent their 20s and his friends would do well to see what Seconds is doing.
The final rankings for all comics and trade paperbacks during the year appear below.
Enough information about sales is known from past monthly rankings, actual publisher sales reports, and other sources to enable some estimates. Readers will find that the estimated final orders in the year for these comics exceed what was visible in the monthly charts; that’s because reorders for those items were not high enough to make the Top.

If you’ve heard anyone talk about comics in 2014, you’ve had a better than even chance that someone gushed about Lumberjanes to you. The comic from this are universally loved, and justly so what seems at first glance to be a quirky girl scout adventure becomes a vastly entertaining tale of a delightfully individual troop of campers (named Lumberjanes, natch) whose begin encountering stranger and stranger things in the woods. Much like Adventure Time, it doesn’t skimp on the action or humour, but there’s also clearly a bigger story at work here (although even if there wasn’t, Lumberjanes would be on this list purely for Allen’s near-perfect cartoon art). The only question we have is this: Why on god’s green earth isn’t this a Cartoon Network series yet.

You’d be surprised at how rarely mainstream comics attempt to do comedy. There are funny moments in comics, but full-on funny? Not so much. The Superior Foes of Spider-Man is one of the funniest books on stands this year, especially among those released by the Big Two. A caper about five of Spider-Man’s C-list rogues banding together to form a new Sinister Six and pull off the Crime of the Century, Superior Foes is full of double-crossing ne’er-do-wells trying to make it to the big time while not being all that good at the whole crime thing. X-Men: Legacy is something special. A superhero story that rejects the basic principles behind most superhero stories, Legacy fights against the reactionary behaviors and pugilistic spirit of traditional cape comics while painting a compelling portrait of a broken, mentally ill demigod struggling to assert control over his life. The sheer ambition on display is staggering—in 24 issues, Spurrier and his collaborators were able to carve out something achingly personal and thematically rich in one of the most mainstream arenas in comics. There had been nothing like Sandman in comics when it hit the stands in late 1988; 75 issues and 17 years later it finished, and there’s been nothing like it since from current mini-series. Taking a second-string DC character and making him his own, Gaiman mined folklore, mythology and comics history to create a tapestry of breathtaking originality. People who never read a comic before or afterwards loved Sandman and it was credited with being a “safe place” for women readers who perhaps felt distanced from the medium.

More than any other writer working in mainstream cape comics right now, is an architect. He writes grand, sweeping epics that are intricately plotted, with jaw-dropping twists and fascinating shifts that occur regularly enough to keep readers coming back. There is a drawback to this, of course: With stories built like machines, when one thing goes wrong it seriously gums up the works. (Last year’s Infinity crossover demonstrated that well.) But when they’re firing on all cylinders, watching a Hickman plot come together is a thrilling thing, one that leaves you itching to read on. Accompanied by a slew of talented artists the story is telling in Avengers and New Avengers kicked into high gear, counting down to a grand finale in Marvel’s mysterious Secret Wars event. While that event could prove to be either a total disaster or a resounding success, the ride there is totally worth it.